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Animation and Game

Hochschule Darmstadt, Dieburg

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Animation and Game is an international Bachelor degree program with a strong practical focus. The interdisciplinary and project based program reflects merging technologies and distribution channels and enables the graduates to successfully evolve in a highly dynamic and creative professional field. It is carried out in English language and qualifies students for careers in the international media and entertainment industries. The Animation and Game Bachelor program offers two optional specialization pathways:*

Technology Specialization:

The “Technology” specialization puts a focus on the technical development and production of animations and games. It delivers theoretical knowledge intertwined with a substantial emphasis on technology and practical application. Students gain insights into fundamental concepts of software architecture and functionality, various programming languages, graphic technologies, essential mathematical principles, key aspects of computer science, AI, backend technology (networks, databases, client/server interactions), as well as procedural content creation and creative tools. These facets collectively form the backbone of animation and game technology, equipping students with a comprehensive understanding to innovate and create within the industry. This specialization was developed with representatives from the game industry and reflects the need for a technical role that has emerged as animation and games have become more advanced and users‘ demands for larger digital worlds have grown.

Art & Design Specialization:

The “Art and Design” specialization is centered around the creative development and  technology-based realization of original  and innovative animation and game experiences. The curriculum combines design theories, creative strategies and artistic practices in the field of animation and games with relevant digital production methods. Students acquire competencies in key areas such as: animation, game design, storytelling, cinematography, visual development, look development and digital art. The “Art and Design” specialization qualifies for creative positions in the international animation and game industry such as digital artist, technical artist, game designer, animation artist, narrative designer or creative producer.

The 7-semester curriculum includes a full semester industrial placement or, as an alternative a study abroad semester in one of our international partner universities. Students benefit from our excellent industry network. Industry professionals from international animation and game studios regularly contribute to the program as speakers or lecturers. The Faculty‘s technological resources include industry standard software and hardware, a game lab, a motion capturing studio as well as film, VR and sound studios. As an attractive add-on for Animation and Game undergraduates we offer a follow up Animation and Game Master Degree Program which qualifies for leading positions in higher education, research and the creative industry.








7 Semester


210 LP

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Prof. Tilman Kohlhaase
Prof. Noa Kafka
Studentische Studienberatung Animation and Game