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Hochschule Furtwangen, Furtwangen

01.01.2019 - 03.12.2030


FUDGE is a lightweight open-source game engine and editor created for educating students in an academic environment in the field of design and development of games and highly interactive applications. It may also be used as a rapid prototyping tool to easly convey and evaluate ideas for applications and games and as a tool to create educational games.

Main features

  • visual scene-, mesh-, graphics- and animation-editor

  • to quickly create simple assets and structures within one environment (maybe even sound)

  • thus flattening the learning curve for beginners by modelling the structures that are later enhanced by increasingly complex scripting

  • human readable document formats allow to examine and manipulate data structures

  • support version control, code reviews and communication among students, teachers, developers

  • no separation of runtime and designtime data, games run right out of the source-repository

  • client- and server-components for network-gaming


Prof. Jirka Dell'Oro-Friedl


Game Engine Development
Game Development
Game Programming
Game Design
Games in der Bildung